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Welcome to The Cannon Store! The online store of the Bellmore Johnson Company, licensed manufacturer of the 10 Gauge Model 98 Winchester Cannon.

The Cannon Store is also an authorized dealer for RBG Cannons, maker of the Herreshoff Salute Cannon which is based upon the designs & specifications of famed yacht builder L. Francis Herreshoff.

Our handcrafted signal & salute cannons are based on classic designs and carry a rich history. They are often used for starting races, naval signaling, ceremonial salutes, sporting events and celebrating holidays.

We also carry a full line of accessories & blank shells for enjoying and maintaining your cannon.

Notice January 26, 2014:
Due to the blizzard affecting our location in Southern Connecticut, The Cannon Store and Bellmore Johnson Company will close at noon on Monday, January 26 remain closed on Tuesday, January 27th. Depending upon conditions, we may also have a partial or complete closure on Wednesday, January 28. During this time we are unable to respond to telephone or email inquires, we thank you for your patience.