Winchester 98 Signal Cannon

The 10 gauge, Winchester Model 98 Breech Loading Signal Cannon was designed and patented by Charles H. Griffith for the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in 1901. The cannon debuted for sale in the March 1903 Winchester Catalog. In addition to the Standard Black Model, Winchester added a Chrome Plated Model in the 1930's. The cannon was manufactured at Winchester's facility in New Haven, Connecticut until 1958. In the 1970's the Bellmore Johnson Company obtained the rights to produce the cannon and has added several other models to the line. Today, over a century later the cannon is still produced in southern Connecticut, just miles from the original Winchester factory. Read the Complete History of Winchester Signal Cannons.

Standard Black Winchester Cannon

Naval Edition Winchester Cannon

Presentation Brass Winchester Cannon

Deluxe Chrome Winchester Cannon